.5 Gram
Sativa or Indica

Cape Concentrates is pleased to offer top shelf indoor-grown shatter.

How is cannabis shatter made?

Shatter is a moncrystal form of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, that is extracted from marijuana plants using BHO, or butane.

First, we use top-of-the-line BHO extraction equipment to extract oil from hand-picked, indoor grown marijuana plants.

We then heat the oil to 110 degrees Fahrenheit and use pharmaceutical grade blasters to extract terpenes from the oil and make a shatter that is a clear, gold color.

Shatter is considered the holy grail of marijuana extraction because it is a perfectly repeating pattern of molecules. This is why it is transparent. When shatter is made light is not obstructed as it passes through the crystal matrix.

A clear, gold color shatter is considered the cannabis connoisseur’s choice!

Who should consume shatter?

If you are over the age of 21 and live in a recreational or medical state and possess a license to use marijuana shatter is a potent, flavorful alternative to other types of cannabis.

What strains of marijuana are used to make the shatter?

Our shatter is extracted from indoor grown sativa or indica marijuana plants.

How do you use shatter?

Shatter’s harder composition makes it the choice for dabbing and vaporizing. You can also put a small piece of shatter on top of dried bowls of marijuana flower.

Try speckle of shatter on top of a bong snapper for an intense hit!

Where can I purchase a shatter?

Contact us below to find a store or delivery service near you.

Where can I purchase shatter for my store or delivery service?

Contact us below for more information.